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Atlas Agro, the green fertilizer company, announced today that it had awarded a dual competitive engineering contract to two engineering and construction consortiums to perform parallel competitive project engineering development for the Company’s first Brazilian green nitrogen fertilizer plant in Uberaba, MG, Brazil.

After this first development phase, Atlas Agro plans to roll the project over into FEED (Front-End Engineering Design). The company expects to start construction in 2025 and enter commercial operation in 2028.

Atlas Agro’s plant will consume 2.5 TWh of renewable energy annually. In an integrated industrial operation, it will produce green hydrogen, green ammonia, and green ammonium nitrate. The final products will serve local Brazilian farmers.

The plant will leverage Atlas Agro’s know-how and experience gained at the Company’s first green nitrogen fertilizer project in the Pacific Northwest in the United States.

“We are excited to start engineering for our first plant in Brazil”, says Knut Karlsen, Atlas Agro’s Co-Founder and President of South America. “Today, Brazil imports more than 90% of its nitrogen fertilizer, all produced using fossil fuels like natural gas and coal. By leveraging the country’s natural advantages in green energy, Brazil can substitute its fossil nitrogen fertilizer imports with local, green production. We in Atlas Agro are excited to contribute to the green re-industrialization of Brazil”.

About Atlas Agro

Atlas Agro is a leading green nitrogen fertilizer company, headquartered in Zug, Switzerland. The company is dedicated to developing, constructing and operating green nitrate fertilizer plants to decarbonise and boost the efficiency of global agriculture.