Innovation driving agriculture towards sustainable practices

Atlas Agro makes competitive zero-carbon nitrogen fertilizer using only air, water and renewable energy to produce the nutrition that crops need.

The technology to produce nitrogen fertilizer using renewable energy is proven and available. Full-scale plants using electrolyzers to produce hydrogen and then ammonia using Haber-Bosch synthesis have existed for decades. However, none survived into the new millennium due to high power prices and suboptimal design.

Atlas Agro has developed the technology further in order to adapt it to the characteristics of renewable production and in order to capture new developments in materials and design since the last renewable plants were built.

Atlas Agro’s third-party verified technology optimizes the production process and targets a reduction of the upfront capital expenditure and ongoing operating cost of more than 10%.

AA Technology

There are many ways of producing hydrogen. It is Atlas Agro’s belief that only green hydrogen, made through electrolysis of water on the basis of renewable power, has zero emissions. 

Blue hydrogen is made by burning coal or gas and subsequently capturing the emitted carbon dioxide and storing it underground. Current CCS technology captures only parts of the carbon emissions and does not address fugitive methane upstream of the carbon extraction nor emissions from transportation and extraction of fossil fuels.

Atlas Agro will produce using green hydrogen only.