Our Mission

Feed the world without emissions

Atlas Agro works to feed the world whilst accelerating the move towards sustainable food and farming.

The world is hungry...

  • In 2020, between 720 and 811 million people faced hunger
  • Nearly one in three people (2.37 billion) did not have access to adequate food
  • Healthy diets are out of reach of 3 billion people

…and needs to reduce climate gas emissions fast.

Glacier photo

Glaciers no more

There are more than 217.000 mapped glaciers in the world, ranging from tens of meters to the size of the state of California. They are…

Heat waves are the new normal

The first five months of 2022 were the sixth warmest in recorded history. But 2022 is only gearing up, with June coming in second warmest,…

Creating hydrogen hubs to move the industry forward

Atlas Agro’s Hydrogen Hub improves the hydrogen industry’s cost position by producing green hydrogen at a 2-300MW scale. Our nitrogen fertilizer production can quickly ramp…

By 2030, Atlas Agro will

Build and license a number of renewable fertilizer plants


Build a new generation of fertilizer distribution in attractive markets


Leverage our position as a large, low-cost hydrogen producer to help incubate hydrogen businesses